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Employers and Tomorrow’s Workplace Heroes

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Young woman wearing a health care uniform and nametag standing in a hospital looking at the camera.

As the economy moves toward recovery, our next heroes will be employers re-opening their doors, as well as those with disabilities who are eager to help drive the engines of commerce.

The Able Trust highlighted tips for employers in increasing hiring for individuals with disabilities in its recent edition:

  • Focus on abilities, not perceived barriers. Workers with disabilities are loyal and flexible problem-solvers. Commitment to and by their employers means many have longer-than-average job tenure.

  • Review your hiring and recruiting practices now. Evaluate how open and welcoming you are to the best talent, especially those with differing abilities.

  • Create accommodations. Creating a workplace for those with disabilities needn’t cost much; workers with disabilities can even help redesign tasks to match their capabilities and get the job done.

  • Secure support for hiring and assistive technologies. Vocational rehab support, including agencies and counselors already in your community, as well as tax credits and grants, can assist and reimburse employers with everything from hiring to training to accommodations.

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