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Disability Employment Awareness Month

Thank you for supporting Disability Employment Awareness Month!  Please use your social media platforms to help raise awareness about Florida's underutilized talent pool of job seekers with disabilities.  


Feel free to copy and paste the sample social media posts and graphics below and add your voice to this important conversation.


Use #DisabilityInclusion or #InclusionWorks hashtags and be sure to tag @abletrust.

Social Media Posts


We are proud to support Disability Employment Awareness Month! Are persons with disabilities part of your hiring plan? Take the first step - check out DEAM Toolkit at

#DEAM #InclusiveEmployment #DisabilityInclusion


Floridians with disabilities want to work for reasons beyond income. While work leads to independence and self-sufficiency, it’s also a pathway to community, connection & purpose. Share this post to show your support for #DEAM.

#InclusiveEmployment #AbleTrust


How do employees with disabilities benefit their employers and coworkers? By providing a high level of loyalty and problem-solving skills, offering unique perspectives, increasing workplace morale, and nurturing a positive public perception of the companies that employ them.

To show your support for Disability Employment Awareness Month, check out The Able Trust DEAM Toolkit at

#DEAM #InclusiveEmployment #DisabilityInclusion


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and we want to encourage employers to see the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities. Show your support for DEAM -- check out The Able Trust DEAM Toolkit at #DEAM #InclusiveEmployment #DisabilityInclusion


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The way we work is rapidly evolving, with people getting their jobs done in many ways and places. As the world of work changes, employers have new opportunities to identify ways to integrate Floridians with disabilities into their workforce. Show your support and raise awareness about Disability Employment Awareness Month. #DEAM #InclusiveEmployment #AbleTrust

According to a 2018 Accenture white paper on workplace accessibility, companies that include people with disabilities in their workforce have seen 28 percent higher revenue and two times higher net income.  #DisabilityEmploymentAwarenessMonth #DisabilityInclusion

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