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Disability Employment
Awareness Month

At Pitney Bowes, we are committed to creating job opportunities for people with disabilities that empower them to use their fullest abilities to make a difference in their lives and in our company. As team members, these employees benefit by being empowered to succeed and we benefit from their diligence and commitment to our company’s success.  We are all better because of The Able Trust’s advocacy for the meaningful employment of this valuable yet underutilized segment of the workforce. 

 Debbie Pfeiffer, President

Pitney Bowes Presort Services

Highlights of Disability Employment Awareness Month


The 2021 Disability Employment Awareness Month presented great opportunities to work with businesses, local chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and other partners. We look forward to strengthening these partnerships and exploring new opportunities to continue to expand employment of individuals with disabilities.

As employers struggle to fill open positions, there is no time like the present to get connected to this talented and underutilized segment of Florida's workforce.

How Can Your
Business Participate?

We want to help connect your business to talented workers with disabilities. How do you take the first step?

  • Provide one-on-one job shadowing and internships for an opportunity to interact with persons with disabilities (PWD) in a time-controlled setting.

  • Participate in career exploration workshops and conduct job site tours to provide persons with disabilities the opportunity to explore the daily life of their career interest.

  • If your company is already engaging PWD in your workforce, take this time to introduce other businesses and organizations to the capabilities and profitabilities of this talented labor market.

The Able Trust is committed to the belief that every individual should have the opportunity to live up to their full potential and we support efforts to help individuals with disabilities find, maintain and advance in meaningful and sustainable employment. Work is not only a means of income and independence but a pathway to prosperity, to community and connection, and purpose.


Take this opportunity to get connected to a large pool of talented individuals who are eager to work. Join businesses across Florida who are already leading the way and enjoying the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities.

For information on how to integrate job seekers with disabilities into your workforce, visit or contact The Able Trust: 850-224-4493 or via email at 


Events Recognizing Disability Employment Awareness Month 


The Able Trust was pleased to participate in and support several DEAM events during October. Thank you to these great organizations for their commitment to disability inclusion.

Florida Department of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation

2021 Disability Employment Awareness Celebration recognizing outstanding employers in the state of Florida for hiring persons with disabilities.

EmployABLE: A Roundtable on Employment and ABLE Accounts

In celebration of DEAM, ABLE United hosted a roundtable discussion with Able Trust and Publix Super Markets about the  opportunities available for the disability community and employers across the state, and how individuals with disabilities can save their income without jeopardizing eligibility for current or future benefit programs.

disABILITY Mentoring Day

A virtual event was held sponsored by the Disability Awareness and Action Workshop Group and John F. Kennedy Space Center. Topics included a discussion on what is needed to get a launch off the ground -- the business aspect, launch preparations, keeping the Astronauts safe and pushing the button.

Publix Super Markets and The Able Trust presented virtual events for Disability Employment Awareness Month.