Barriers 2 Bridges Podcast Series

The Able Trust is launching a new Podcast series, Bridges 2 Barriers, to highlight the successes taking place across Florida. We look forward to hearing from workers with disabilities share their experience as well as talking to employers about what it means to be inclusive.

Part 1

We open the first two-part series with guest Zach Staubitz on his experience as a person with disabilities making the transition from high school into college. Zach discusses information he learned from his learning strategies class, designed to help with the various steps involved in beginning post-secondary education, as well as his thoughts on his first job interview. We also hear him describe what he would like employers to know about hiring persons with disabilities.


Part 2

Part 2 is a conversation with Chris Carlberg, youth transition coordinator with Ability First, a center for independent learning in the Big Bend area. During the podcast, Chris discusses helping students with transitional services that include vocational, educational and independent living assistance. Chris describes his thoughts on his role as a youth transition coordinator and his own work experience as a person with a disability.


Click here to listen to the podcast.